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Access solutions
All the necessary access solutions required for business, public and private buildings.

A.S. Ltd owned and managed by Mr. Oren Less accumulated over 12 years of valuable experience in all fields of access for the disabled. AS is a leading provider of complete  access solutions for businesses, buildings, events and conferences.

The law for equal access to the disabled requires accessibility to the handicapped, blind and the death. Its is a moral and social duty. The law provides solution to roughly 17% of the population.

All the requited access equipment in one site

Our company provides all necessary equipment to provide access solution to the environment, infrastructure and service.

Our goal is to reduce the complexity and simplify the compliance with the law for equal access, so every business can be accessible by everyone. We are one stop solution, enabling direct purchase and self-installation. You may order the following equipment:

Easy and inexpensive
from access survey all the way to ordering and receiving the equipment:

Access surveys and recommendations may be uploaded to our site. We will recommend all the equipment needed in order to comply with the survey recommendations.

Complete end to end support
from referral to an access solution expert and until supply of equipment.

Our experience and professionalism in the world of access allow us to provide our customers with advice, advice and complementary services. We would be happy to refer you to a certified solution expert. Coupled with all access solution devices required.

Renting Access Equipment

AS Ltd provides renting arrangements, where all the necessary equipment needed to support one-time events such as: Conferences, festivals, exhibitions and all public events accessible to the disabled. Amongst our satisfied and repeat customers, you may find producers, municipalities and local government. Our customers relay on us to deliver our products and services in a reliable and timely manner, all in compliance to local laws and regulations.

Our customers acknowledge the advantages of working with Access Solutions

AS Ltd provides access solutions to buildings, infrastructure, environment and events. We work with Architects, entrepreneurs, constructors and local authorities. Our products assist in turning public buildings, offices, hotels, shopping malls, store chains, shops, small businesses, health clubs, gyms, swimming pools, universities, colleges and public halls accessible to the disabled according to the local laws and regulations.

Compliance with the law and regulations should not be complicated!

Please leave your details with us, so we can assist you in consulting, and supply of all required equipment and services for complete access solutions.

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